Name Bactrian
Ship Class Heavy Warship
Hull Cost 17,600,000
Standard Cost 24,794,000
Shield 17,500
Hull 8,600
Mass 940
Drag 16.1
Fuel Capacity 700
Heat Dissipation 0.4
Required Crew 70
Bunks 245
Cargo Space 530
Outfit Space 740
Weapon Capacity 300
Engine Capacity 180

Shipyard Description

The Lionheart Bactrian is the last of the great city-ships, a design hearkening back to the early days of space colonization when a long-distance vessel needed to be a self-contained world, able to survive at times for weeks without encountering an inhabited planet. It is not only a freighter, but a carrier, and a capable warship either at short range or at a distance. Naturally, this versatility also makes it extremely expensive, and the Bactrian is not normally for sale to ordinary citizens who have not been vetted by the local government of the Deep.


The Bactrian can be purchased at the following ports:


These are the standard outfits initially equipped on each Bactrian.

The Bactrian is equipped with three fighter bays.