Name Barb
Ship Class Fighter
Picture (regular)
Picture (proton)
Hull Cost 50,000
Standard Cost ???
Shield 800
Hull 200
Mass 20
Drag 0.8
Fuel Capacity none
Heat Dissipation 0.78
Required Crew 1
Bunks 2
Cargo Space none
Outfit Space 85
Weapon Capacity 24
Engine Capacity 22

Shipyard Description

The Barb can be purchased either as a stock variant or the proton variant. The shipyard has separate descriptions for each:

Regular: "Though the Syndicate doesn't build Fighter carriers, it is testing the waters with the Barb, a cheap and flexible carrier-launched craft featuring newly-developed miniaturized ion engines. The design philosophy of the Barb seems to have been "uglier than the Protector," and as you look at the cockpit nestled between the massive gun port and turret mount, you wonder where the power systems are supposed to go. Though an awkward-looking ship, it seems flexible enough to become a dangerous addition to any fleet with carriers."

Proton: "The Barb's commercial success spurred demand for a variant equipped with a Proton Gun. Syndicated Systems had to remove the turret mounting hardware to fit the powerful cannon, but the result is a level of short-range firepower that is unheard-of for a craft its size."

The only difference between the two variants are their outfits.

Like all fighter craft, the Barb is unable to jump.


These are the standard outfits initially equipped on each Barb.

These are the standard outfits initially equipped on each proton variant Barb.