Name Blackbird
Category Transport
Hull Cost 2,230,000
Standard Cost 3,243,000
Shields 4,400
Hull 900
Mass 220
Drag 5.0
Fuel Capacity 700
Heat Dissipation 0.7
Required Crew 3
Bunks 28
Cargo Space 60
Outfit Space 350
Weapon Capacity 90
Engine Capacity 110

Shipyard Description

"The Tarazed Blackbird is a high-class passenger transport, designed to move large numbers of people across the galaxy with speed and safety. Although not equipped with much weaponry, a Blackbird is well shielded and fast enough to evade pirate attacks, and its cargo capacity is high enough to allow the captain to take courier missions on the side."


The Blackbird can be purchased at the following ports:


These are the standard outfits initially equipped on each Blackbird.