Name Combat Drone
Ship Class Drone
Combat drone
Hull Cost 83,000
Standard Cost ???
Shield none
Hull 700
Mass 20
Drag 0.59
Fuel Capacity none
Heat Dissipation 0.9
Automaton 1
Bunks none
Cargo Space none
Outfit Space 58
Weapon Capacity 8
Engine Capacity 28

Shipyard Description

Combat drones are pilotless attack ships used primarily by the Republic Navy. Although very weak and easy to destroy, they can be very effective in large numbers. Because drones do not need a cockpit, they can be filled entirely with equipment and solid metal, which makes their hulls stronger than other small ships.

Like all fighters, the Combat Drone is unable to jump. The Combat Drone lacks cargo capacity and shields of any kind.


The Combat Drone can be purchased at the following ports:


These are the standard outfits initially equipped on each Combat Drone.