Name Firebird
Ship Class Medium Warship
Hull Cost 3,700,000
Standard Cost 4,926,000
Shield 6,400
Hull 2,800
Mass 290
Drag 4.5
Fuel Capacity 400
Heat Dissipation 0.6
Required Crew 7
Bunks 22
Cargo Space 50
Outfit Space 400
Weapon Capacity 160
Engine Capacity 100

Shipyard Description

The Betelgeuse Shipyards Firebird is a Medium warship with a long and storied past; Firebirds fought on both sides of the Alpha Wars nearly half a millennium ago, and although the equipment and systems have been upgraded continuously since then, the basic design remains almost the same. The Firebird is also a very rugged ship and easy to repair; supposedly a few of the Firebirds that fought in those wars are still in service today.


The Firebird can be purchased at the following ports:

Initial Outfits

These are the standard outfits initially equipped on each Firebird.


  • This is the ship currently used as the icon for Endless Sky.