Ship Class Light Freighter
Hull Cost 730,000
Full Cost 1,426,000
Shields 2,000
Hull 2000
Req. Crew 2
Bunks 7
Drag 5.6
Heat Dissipation 0.6
Fuel Capacity 600
Outfit Space 250
Cargo Capacity 150
Weapon Capacity 80
Engine Capacity 70
Mass 240

Shipyard Description

"The Freighter is designed by the Syndicate to be an efficient means of carrying cargo from system to system, but is so slow and difficult to land that most pilots hate flying them. Freighters are an obvious target for pirates, but turn much too slowly to be able to bring any forward-facing guns to bear on an approaching enemy. As a result, the latest model of freighter is equipped only with turrets, including an anti-missile turret to prevent attackers from simply bombarding them into submission from a safe distance."


The Freighter can be purchased at the following ports:

Standard Outfits

nGVF-EE Fuel Cell

LP036a Battery Pack

D14-RN Shield Generator
X2700 Ion Thruster

X2200 Ion Steering

Blaster Turret (2)

Heavy Anti-Missile Turret