Hauler iii
Ship Class Heavy Freighter
Hull Cost 3,260,000
Full Cost 4,684,000
Shields 3,300
Hull 6,700
Req. Crew 3
Bunks 12
Drag 12.5
Heat Dissipation 0.6
Fuel Capacity 400
Outfit Space 350
Cargo Capacity 390
Weapon Capacity 140
Engine Capacity 80
Mass 470

Shipyard Description

"Considered by many to be outdated, there are nonetheless many Haulers still in service due to their combination of comparatively low price and simple construction. This large version of the Hauler provides the best tradeoff between price and cargo space."


The Hauler III can be purchased at the following ports:

Standard Outfits

S3 Thermoionic

LP072a Battery Pack

D23-QP Shield Generator

Small Radar Jammer

Greyhound Plasma Thruster

Impala Plasma Steering

Meteor Missile Launcher (2)

Quad Blaster Turret (2)

Heavy Anti-Missile Turret (2)

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