Name Headhunter
Category: Light Warship
Base Cost 1,850,000
Standard Cost 2,616,000
Shield 3,800
Hull 700
Mass 120
Drag 2.6
Fuel Capacity 400
Heat Dissipation 0.8
Required Crew 2
Bunks 4
Cargo Space 50
Outfit Space 250
Weapon Capacity 60
Engine Capacity 80


The Headhunter is one of the newest ships designed by Lionheart: a versatile ship that can serve equally well for carrying cargo or for bounty hunting. As with many of Lionheart's designs, the hull is mostly composite fiber rather than metal, sacrificing armor strength for the sake of lighter weight and faster movement.


The Headhunter can be purchased at the following ports:

Initial Outfits

These are the outfits that a Headhunter comes equipped with: