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"'Humans are a young species," the Hai says, "full of energy, full of new ideas...When humans go on vacation, they travel to a world with perfect weather, sunny every day...Humans are so strange, that to speak with a human is like a small vacation."

-Anonymous Hai; First Contact: Hai
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The full history of humanity for the endless sky universe can be found here,


I think we all know what humans look like.

Human ships tend to vary in size and shape, but usually have a metallic grayish texture, with painted fins to indicate allegiance.




Interspecies Relations

Give a brief overview of the species' attitude towards other species, then list the various factions and their attitude towards them:

  • Alphas: The Alphas are the nemeses of humanity, born as the byproduct of excessive genetic engineering, intended to produce the ultimate super-soldiers. After they grew strong enough to break away from their human rulers, they enslaved dozens of human worlds, only being defeated once the Pug came to give the Deep humans superior technologies. Even though the Alphas were mostly defeated, some escaped, and they and their offspring continue to wreak havoc in human space and beyond to this day. To prevent abominations like them from ever appearing again, humans have tightly restricted genetic engineering.
  • Hai: Adventurous humans will eventually find the Ultima Thule-Waypoint wormhole, where they meet the Hai, along with other humans who live harmoniously among these alien squirrel people. It is known that the Republic has made contact with the Hai, though this is kept secret from most of humanity, so that the Hai are able to handle the influx of human visitors and settlers.
  • Unfettered Hai: The Hai have warned human visitors of pirates and the like residing to the north of their space. These Unfettered Hai attack all merchants and Hai with equal ferocity, but share the Hai custom of not attacking people who land on their worlds. If these people happen to have jump drives, the Unfettered are also willing to buy the jump drives from them for peace, and at an impressive 5 million credits a drive.
  • Korath: Occasionally, merchants on the extreme eastern edge of Syndicate space are attacked by Korath raiders. The Syndicate has disabled several of these raiders, and have plundered their warships for their jump drives and other technologies, along with a cloaking device in their cargo hold. The jump drives are promptly taken by the Republic and the player to deal with the Pug, and later, the cloaking device is taken by the player to defeat the Alphas and their nuclear armaments.
  • Kor Efreti: Apparently, humans have visited Kor Efreti space in the past, as the Quarg say (with their very archaic human dialect) when you visit Kuwaru Efreti for the first time. However, we learn nothing more about these humans.
  • Kor Mereti: Along with the Kor Sestor, the player and Admiral Danforth may occasionally encounter Kor Mereti warships on their way to Host to destroy the Alpha base. Humans who have visited Kuwaru Efreti, however, may already have previous, if vague, knowledge of the Kor Mereti's existence.
  • Kor Sestor: So far, only one other human (and his ship's crew) has ever encountered the Kor Sestor automatons: Admiral Danforth, who follows the player to Host to destroy the Alpha base. Humans who have visited Kuwaru Efreti, however, may already have previous, if vague, knowledge of the Kor Sestor's existence.
  • Remnant: Remnant space is inaccessible to humans without a Jump Drive or Quantum Keystone and so very few humans would have encountered them, however, it is possible that some may have. The remnant are welcoming of 'true humans', those who are not Alphas and so it is unlikely that there would be any hostility.
  • Quarg: While the Quarg are peaceful, only attacking pirate ships preying on merchants, humans are very wary of the Quarg because of their extreme technological superiority.
  • Pug: In the main campaign, the Pug go to "war" with humanity, using advanced tier 1 ships and technologies. While the Pug themselves may not feel any real contempt towards humanity, it is likely that almost all humans in human space hate the Pug because of their actions against them in the war.
  • Wanderers: Being an alien species accessible only by jump drive, very few, if any, humans other than the player know about the Wanderers.
  • Drak: Given that the immensely powerful Quarg speak of the Drak as if they were deities, humans are probably very wary of the Drak as well. It is known that some humans have "spoken" with the Drak before, such as Ulrich at the end of the "There Will Be Riots" mission chain. Furthermore, after the player finishes said mission chain and visits Ildaria, the player is apparently "contacted" by the Drak, who show the player the history of the Rim, and goes to Albert Foster to discuss their next actions.


  • We are humans, and in Endless Sky, we play as humans.

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