"The workings of the Jump Drive are a total mystery. The best that human scientists have been able to find out is that this device is a containment field for matter in a state that cannot normally exist in this universe; if the drive is opened up, the field collapses and its contents disappear. Therefore, even though a few jump drives have been captured over the years, it has so far proved impossible to reverse engineer them."
-Outfitter description
The Jump Drive is the most advanced hyperdrive in the game, and vital to the player's post-story progression. Unlike normal hyperdrives, the Jump Drive does not rely on hyperlinks to move from system to system; however, the ship must be still to activate the jump, and the Jump Drive also uses twice as much fuel as a normal hyperdrive.

Due to its functionality, the Jump Drive acts as a content lock, preventing the player from reaching the Wanderers, the Drak and the Korath until they have either completed the storyline or they manage to disable and plunder a Korath Raider.

Story role

During Free Worlds Reconciliation, the Syndicate install a Jump Drive on the player's ship during the Pug invasion to allow the player to infiltrate the Pug Protectorate.

The Unfettered Hai are sold Jump Drives by the Alphas, facilitating their invasion of Wanderer space.

Admiral Danforth keeps a Jump Drive for himself after the Pug invasion; this allows his Cruiser to travel with the player to destroy the Alpha enclave which was selling Jump Drives to the Unfettered.


So far, only three species have unrestricted access to Jump Drives:

However, a number of other species have also been able to obtain a limited supply of Jump Drives: