Name Kestrel
Ship Class Heavy Warship
Hull Cost 10,300,000
Standard Cost ???
Shield 17,400/

20,100 (shield variant)

Hull 6,200/

7,500 (shield variant)

Mass 740
Drag 12.5
Fuel Capacity 500
Heat Dissipation 0.45
Required Crew 72
Bunks 128
Cargo Space 120
Outfit Space 810
Weapon Capacity 380/

400 (weapon variant)

Engine Capacity 210/

230 (engine variant)

Shipyard Description

Several years ago, while visiting a sweat lodge in search of spiritual renewal, Tarazed's chief ship designer fell into a trance and journeyed to a reality separate from our own. There he saw visions of a strange starship. He returned with sketches of the ship and ordered his engineers to build it. After several years of development and testing, the Kestrel is now available for sale.


In order for the player to acquire a Kestrel, you must first achieve a combat rating of 9 or over (8000+ kills) and receive the mission "Kestrel Testing" from Wayfarer, wherein you are required to travel to Umbral and disable the prototype. After this, you are invited to name the ship and give input about changes to the final product. These changes mean that there are three potential Kestrel variants available:

  • Higher Weapon Capacity
  • Higher Shield Capacity and Hull Strength
  • Higher Engine power and Maneuverability

However, while these stats change, the ship outfits are constant for each potential model. Choose whichever option fits your play-style best.


These are the standard outfits initially equipped on each Kestrel.


  • The Kestrel is also an Author Ship
  • The Kestrel was the most powerful ship obtainable in the original Escape Velocity game.
  • The Kestrel made an appearance as a hidden ship obtainable in Escape Velocity: Nova. Upon finishing the game, the player was given the option to purchase one for an exorbitant amount of money.