Name Korath Raider
Base Cost 16,570,000
Standard Cost 50,845,000
Shields 27,000
Hull 9,000
Mass 720
Drag 12
Fuel Capacity 600
Heat Dissipation 0.5
Required Crew 145
Bunks 250
Cargo Space 175
Outfit Space 721
Weapon Capacity 284
Engine Capacity 159


The Korath Raider is the main Korath ship, used for raiding eastern Syndicate space and the Remnant. Although it does not do a particularly large amount of damage, it has a more powerful and compact anti-missile than any human ship, and its weapons can push or pull enemies great distances.


This is the standard outfit configuration you find on NPC controlled Raiders.

Other than completing the main quest line, plundering disabled Korath Raiders in East Syndicate space (notably Achernar and Polaris) is often the source of many players' first jump drive. More Korath raiders (and jump drives) can be encountered by jumping to the systems immediately East of Syndicate space. Next to plundering the Pug, this remains one of the more reliable sources of jump drives, the advantage being that the player does not have to anger a faction to do so, as the Korath are already hostile.