Name Mule
Ship Class Medium Warship
Hull Cost 4,580,000
Standard Cost 4,349,000
Shield 5,400
Hull 4,400
Mass 320
Drag 5.7
Fuel Capacity 600
Heat Dissipation 0.5
Required Crew 6
Bunks 43
Cargo Space 270
Outfit Space 450
Weapon Capacity 210
Engine Capacity 110

Shipyard Description

The Mule is as much of a hodgepodge as its looks suggest. The Lionheart ship designers combined a good deal of cargo space with a decent amount of weaponry and even a fighter bay, and ended up with a ship that is mostly used as a freighter but must be classified as a warship because of its heavy armament and shields.


The Mule can be purchased at the following ports:


These are the standard outfits initially equipped on each Mule.

The Mule is equipped with a single fighter bay.