Name Nest
Ship Class Medium Warship
Hull Cost 2,500,000
Standard Cost 4,509,000
Shield 2,500
Hull 3,700
Mass 250
Drag 10.5
Fuel Capacity 500
Heat Dissipation 0.67
Required Crew 5
Bunks 14
Cargo Space 40
Outfit Space 400
Weapon Capacity 140
Engine Capacity 80

Shipyard Description

Southbound Shipyards quickly answered the Free Worlds' call for a carrier by building modified cargo containers for Haulers - adding a pair of Fighter docking arms, some additional outfit space, and even a couple of bunks. Access to the fighters from within the ship is so inconvenient that most pilots opt to just stay aboard their fighters when in flight. While the technical name for this ship is "Hauler I: Type F", Southbound assembly workers started calling the single container variant the "Nest" due to its complement of Finch Fighters, and the name stuck.


The Nest can be purchased at the following ports:

  • Wayfarer


These are the standard outfits initially equipped on each Nest.

The Nest is equipped with two fighter bays.