"Our species began on the moon of a great gas giant, on a planet most small, that gathered about itself very little air. And we are an old race, and do not kill for sport or whimsy, so the Drak gave us the gift, that we may go among the other races and settle where we please, and make friends of all, because none dare be our enemy."
-Anonymous Quarg, First Contact: Quarg
The Quarg are an ancient race of powerful aliens who inhabit the extreme southeast of Human space. Their technology is renowned for being some of the most powerful obtainable tech in the game, including ridiculously powerful shielding and shield generators, batteries, and weapons.


The Quarg are native to the Milky Way, although it is unknown where exactly they originate from within the galaxy. At some point in their past, they challenged the Pug; in retaliation, the Pug broke one of the Quarg's ringworlds. In 2320, the Quarg made first contact with humanity; by 2330, they were beginning to learn human languages.


The Quarg are strange, towering above humans, some nearly three meters tall. Their legs bend backwards at the bottom, like a dog walking on its hind feet, and they move gracefully and almost silently.

The Quarg's two ships, the Skylark and the Wardragon, are almost completely different; while the Skylark is dark, blocky and textured, reminiscent of the Quarg's fashion style, the Wardragon is bright gold, leading many to speculate that the Wardragon is not actually of Quarg design.




Interspecies Relations

The Quarg generally refrain from violence, unless a species attacks another species in the Milky Way.

  • Humans: The Quarg are somewhat neutral towards humanity; they are not opposed, but they refuse to intervene in either the Free Worlds-Republic war or the human-Pug war.
  • Hai: The Quarg are somewhat neutral towards the Hai; while they have a ringworld in Hai space, they have not demonstrated any willingness to actively fight with or against the Hai.
  • Unfettered Hai: The Quarg have not yet displayed any indication of their attitude towards the Unfettered, as they have not met yet during the game, although it is likely that they are neutral towards them.
  • Korath: The Quarg are hostile towards the Korath exiles due to their role in the Korath Civil War- as a result of their actions, the Quarg and the Drak intervened, ending the war and exiling the leaders.
  • Kor Efreti: The Quarg are friendly towards the Efreti, due to their status as the last remnants (Besides the exiles) of their race, as well as the Efreti's abstention from the Korath Civil War.
  • Kor Mereti: The Quarg are hostile towards the Mereti.
  • Kor Sestor: The Quarg are hostile towards the Sestor.
  • Pug: In the past at least, the Quarg were opposed to the Pug, although it is unknown whether relations between them have now thawed.
  • Wanderers: The Quarg have not yet interacted with the Wanderers, as far as we know.
  • Drak: The Quarg are friendly towards the Drak, seeing themselves as the Drak's servants.


  • The Quarg are the only alien race, pre-Pug invasion, that humanity was publicly aware of.
  • After all of the other races are developed and implemented into the game, the Quarg are intended to be rebalanced to maintain their position as the second strongest race in the game. As such, their outfits and ships are placeholders/have placeholder stats.

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