Name Roost
Ship Class Medium Warship
Hull Cost 3,000,000
Standard Cost ???
Shield 2,900
Hull 5,200
Mass 360
Drag 11.5
Fuel Capacity 600
Heat Dissipation 0.67
Required Crew 7
Bunks 16
Cargo Space 80
Outfit Space 450
Weapon Capacity 140
Engine Capacity 80

Shipyard Description

Southbound Shipyards' new fighter-carrying containers have created a new use for what many considered an outdated design. Four external fighter bays make this the biggest civilian carrier on the market, if a little awkward as a warship. After Southbound assembly workers successfully named the "Nest", "Hauler II: Type F" was quickly dubbed the "Roost" to continue the theme.


The Roost can be purchased at the following ports:

  • Wayfarer


These are the standard outfits initially equipped on each Roost.

The Roost is equipped with four fighter bays.

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