Name Skein
Ship Class Medium Warship
Hull Cost 3,500,000
Standard Cost ???
Shield 3,300
Hull 6,700
Mass 470
Drag 12.5
Fuel Capacity 700
Heat Dissipation 0.71
Required Crew 7
Bunks 18
Cargo Space 120
Outfit Space 500
Weapon Capacity 140
Engine Capacity 80

Shipyard Description

This particular cockpit and engine set has found itself attached to three of Southbound Shipyards' new "Type F" Fighter-carrier pods. When the Free Worlds asked for a carrier, they did not expect one that would be able to carry more fighters than even the heaviest Navy warships. Given this fact, the Free Worlds have asked Southbound and Tarazed to restrict sale of the "Hauler III: Type F", "Skein" to its Militia only.

Requires: Militia License


The Skein can be purchased at the following ports:

  • Wayfarer


These are the standard outfits initially equipped on each Skein.

The Skein is equipped with six fighter bays making it the largest human carrier in-game.

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