"This is Republic military technology, a collection of scanners designed to fit perfectly inside one of their surveillance drones. Since the outputs are fairly standard, you could connect it to your own ship's systems if you want. Installing more than one increases the scan range and speed."

This outfit is not as effective in terms of power than either the outfit or cargo scanner, but is faster than both, and scans for both cargo And Outfits, meaning it can be Extremely convent as it is just 1 module, but the outfit space takes more than both modules COMBINED, meaning its not space efficient, and price wise requires more money.


Theres 1 way of obtaining this outfit

Find a Surveillance Drone, board the drone then take the scanner and not the drone unless you are flying a carrier, or else you wont get the scanner

2.Obtain a Navy License GODSHIP IT SELF AND BYPASS THAT OF THE CREATION OF THE UNIVERSE (you have to go into the code inside the save files do cmd f and type "Pilot License" and under it put in navy licenese (well its more than that but thats the general gist, im just to lazy to write how to do it..... what you have google you lazy butt, it toke me 5 minutes to find out how)) (also please note if you dare ask how you shall be burned on a cross for one does not simply ask about the navy license (yes that is a meme)).


  • The image that was used for the outfit scanner is used for the Scanner and you will not find it if you type "Surveilleance Pod"
  • This outfit is also used in a mission take supposedly toke several people a day to complete (because you obtain it via Drone) but it is easier than you may think, what you do is you find a disabled drone, and using a light laser, lightly hit it (when no republic ships are in the system) then you can board it, then you take the actualy the pod and not the drone unless you have a fleet carrier.