"It is characteristic of the Syndicate that the wilderness is entirely ignored, both scientifically and agriculturally, until it is plowed under to make way for expanding industry."
The Syndicate offers free transportation and housing in exchange for anyone willing to sign a five year contract...The Syndicate is a fair employer: living conditions here may be squalid, but most workers are earning a living wage and some are able to save up for a new life on a more pleasant planet.
-Syndicate planet descriptions

Basic Information

The Syndicate is an interstellar megacorporation that serves as the government of 25 systems near the galactic core. In return for the protection of it's defense fleets and anti-pirate patrols, these worlds provide the materials and some of the manpower that has turned the Syndicate into an economic powerhouse throughout human space. However, many of the Syndicate's employees are immigrants, fleeing overcrowded or underdeveloped worlds in search of a living wage and the opportunity to advance through the corporate hierarchy. The Syndicate's most profitable subsidiaries include Syndicated Systems, located on Hephaestus, which produces components widely required by shipyards, while the Syndicated Shipyards on Foundry manufacture nearly half of the merchant freighters currently in service in human space.

The Core-ward fringes of the Syndicate are plagued by powerful alien raids; it is rumored that Syndicated Systems is trying to reverse engineer technology captured from these raiders, but nothing has reached the market yet.


The Syndicate Freighter and Bulk freighter are the Syndicated Shipyards biggest sellers, but the Syndicate also produces it's own line of warships for anti-pirate action and planetary defense.



Light Warships

Medium Warships

Heavy Warships


Faction Relations

The Syndicate is technically part of the Republic, and holds a number of seats in Parliament, but are the corporation is permitted a great deal of autonomy. The Syndicate is the source of much of the Republic's tax revenue, so Parliament seldom interferes in their business.

"Years ago," he says, "some leaders of our financial division were approached by some... consultants. Some very intelligent and knowledgeable individuals. These consultants had built a powerful quantum computer, running a model of the galactic economy. They called it the 'Oracle.'"
The Alphas have traded with and manipulated elements of the Syndicate, creating a group of extremists who are willing to start a nuclear war in order to save the galactic economy.

While some of the Syndicate's merchant fleets certainly trade with the Hai, there is no official contact between them.

Korath Raiders frequently appear on the eastern fringes of Syndicate space, mainly in Polaris and Sheratan.

The Quarg need no merchant hulls and manufacture their own tools and components.

The Syndicate is briefly in direct conflict with the Pug during the Free Worlds storyline.

The Syndicate has had no contact with the Wanderers.

The Syndicate, powerful as it is, remains just a subset of humanity, beneath the notice of the Drak.

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