"Once in an [eon, era] the Eye opens, and the Wanderers journey through it to a new home. A hundred times, maybe a thousand, we have left one home and journeyed to another. Each new home the Eye brings us to is full of [devastation, destruction], and it takes many lifetimes to set things right. Then the Eye beckons again, and we move on. And each time we pass through the eye we become something new."
-Iktat Rek
The Wanderers are, as their name suggests, a race of bird-like aliens who follow the path of the wormhole known as the Eye, restoring devastated planets as they go. The Pug control when the Eye opens, although recently, the Wanderers have been besieged by attacks from the Unfettered Hai. Wanderer technology is renowned for often performing two jobs at once; their reactors function as batteries too, and their engines also work as cooling. Wanderer technology is also known for being extremely efficient, which is why they do not develop Wanderer Heat Sinks until they have begun building heavy warships. For example, a Wanderer White Sun Reactor creates far less heat than an Armageddon Core, while still generating more energy and taking up less outfit space, along with their battery functionality. Michael Zahniser has recently revealed that the Wanderers are extragalactic in origin, like the Pug.


It is unknown where the Wanderers originate from, although they are clearly a relatively old race, as they have travelled through the Eye many times- and the Eye often only opens around every ten thousand years- they have also reached Tier 2. While in the past, the Wanderers have encountered peaceful species in their travels, many species they have met have been warlike and have ultimately destroyed themselves.


Wanderers are currently an avian species, with a body about the same size as a human, but with wings that tower far above human height. While their plumage varies in colours, the known shades include brown and white, like their ships. However, whenever the Eye opens, some number of Wanderers begin to undergo the Molt; this eventually changes their entire body, transforming them into the next step in Wanderer evolution.

Wanderer ships typically use shades of green and white, somewhat similarly to their plumage. Their ship hulls are generally shaped in designs somewhat reminiscent of leaves, although since the Unfettered Hai's invasion, their warships have begun losing some of the elegant design in favour of practicality for warfare.




Interspecies Relations

In general, the Wanderers seem to be friendly and welcoming towards other species; however, this outlook has been tainted recently by the Unfettered Hai invasion.

  • Humans: The only human the Wanderers have encountered so far is the player.
  • Hai: The Wanderers view the Hai somewhat warily, as despite your assurances that the Unfettered are not like the rest of their race as well as Sayari's presence, their first impressions of the Hai cannot be changed.
  • Unfettered Hai: The Wanderers are heavily opposed to the Unfettered, due to their invasion of the current Wanderer space.
  • Korath: The Wanderers have not yet interacted with the Korath, as far as we know.
  • Kor Efreti: The Wanderers have not yet interacted with the Kor Efreti, as far as we know.
  • Kor Mereti: The Wanderers have not yet interacted with the Kor Mereti, as far as we know.
  • Kor Sestor: The Wanderers have not yet interacted with the Kor Sestor, as far as we know.
  • Quarg: The Wanderers have not yet interacted with the Quarg, as far as we know.
  • Pug: The Wanderers revere the Pug almost as gods due to their control of the Eye.
  • Drak: The Wanderers have not yet interacted with the Drak, as far as we know.


  • The Wanderers were the first race to be added to Endless Sky after the initial Steam release; their addition was followed by that of the Drak in 0.9.0.
  • The Wanderers have the second most powerful obtainable weapons in the game in the form of the Sunbeam and its variants; they are behind the Quarg's Skylances, and they likely beat out the Kor Sestor and Kor Mereti weaponry in terms of sheer damage unloaded per second.
  • The Wanderers are currently the only race that has not yet obtained the Jump Drive.

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